• Arc finds cost effective way to make ‘Carbon, Capture and Storage’ actually work.


    Can we put the hundreds of millions that were put aside for investment, into CCS into renewables now?

  • We made it!

    120816_Cotton_10_large 120816_Cotton_09_large

    We’re in a book. We are really chuffed about this.

    When we opened it, Toby got all teary because we’re alongside all his heroes.

    Stop, Think, Go, Do: How Typography and Graphic Design Influence Behavior. Steven Heller (Author), Mirko Ilic (Author)

    See more here at Mirko’s blog. It looks wellsy smart.

  • Future Smarts

    GRAPHIC DESIGN :: Infographics consultancy and design for some very smart forward thinkers at futureeconomy.com.au.