• A cool project with coolproducts

    REBRAND :: GRAPHIC DESIGN :: WEBSITE DESIGN :: We were asked to rebrand the coalition’s campaign with identity guidelines and a new, updated logo to freshen things up. Our task was to then redesign the website and advise on how to better structure the website to speak to Coolproducts’ targets and achieve its aims.

    In double quick time we sifted through information on Coolproducts, spoke to the people in the coalition and got a feel for what was wanted. This resulted in a new logo, brand guidelines and a new, fresh website. We’re also in the process of completing an animation: ‘Ecodesign for Dummies’.

    See the promotional movie here

  • Greenpeace 40th Anniversary Book

    CREATIVE DIRECTION :: GRAPHIC DESIGN & LAYOUT :: Few organisations have a history quite like Greenpeace’s and we were HONOURED to be asked to design ‘The Greenpeace Chronicles’, a book covering their amazing history: from the early beginnings to the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior, from the Brent Spar campaign to Unilever, this book had to cover it all.

    A 200 page publication packed with photos, interviews and information on the goings on at Greenpeace was delivered by Arc and was circulated globally to celebrate Greenpeace’s 40 years of protecting the planet.

  • Quick turnaround anyone?


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  • Recipe for 1 million signatures

    CONCEPT :: CREATIVE DIRECTION :: PRODUCTION :: José Manuel Barroso and John Dalli of the European Commission brought out a cookbook – ‘Good Food Gone Bad’ – but somehow the ingredients aren’t quite right. Another campaign concept and delivery from Arc Communications to highlight how GE food is being forced down the throats of EU citizens.

    We came up with this cookbook concept as part of a campaign for a moratorium on genetically modified crops.

    In association with Avaaz, the campaign aimed to get 1 Million signatures from European citizens to send to the European Commissioners Barroso and Dalli. Shortly after the cookbook was launched, the goal of 1 Million signatures was reached.

  • Help Wanted


    CONCEPT :: CREATIVE DIRECTION :: DESIGN :: A massive 22.6% of under 25s are unemployed in Europe. The European Youth Forum needed to draw attention to this and other facts and promote the benefits of the ‘Youth Guarantee’. We created a short copy concept for a poster and social media content.

    The concept and poster we produced in high demand are on the second reprint already. The graphic has also travelled well through social media.

  • Positive Charge!


    GRAPHIC DESIGN :: Some new billboard and bus shelter ads for Moreland Energy Foundation. Cool people to work with 🙂

  • Logo for Sudan Peace Project


    Sudan Peace Project

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  • EEB branding

    The European Environmental Bureau (EEB), an umbrella organization for 144 environmental groups, wanted to refresh their branding and create a modern image.

    They approached us to develop branding guidelines to cover all communication output for the organisation. We developed a toolkit to support concise, consistent and consistent communications. The toolkit included a solution that clarified the campaign areas across all communication media – from publications to web.

    Toby, the creative director at Arc, has headed up several branding projects. Most recently he was on the team that managed the development process and rollout for Greenpeace International’s new branding.

    The brand guidelines and templates stop the EEB from having to reinvent the wheel every project, saving them thousands of Euros.