• Recipe for 1 million signatures

    CONCEPT :: CREATIVE DIRECTION :: PRODUCTION :: José Manuel Barroso and John Dalli of the European Commission brought out a cookbook – ‘Good Food Gone Bad’ – but somehow the ingredients aren’t quite right. Another campaign concept and delivery from Arc Communications to highlight how GE food is being forced down the throats of EU citizens.

    We came up with this cookbook concept as part of a campaign for a moratorium on genetically modified crops.

    In association with Avaaz, the campaign aimed to get 1 Million signatures from European citizens to send to the European Commissioners Barroso and Dalli. Shortly after the cookbook was launched, the goal of 1 Million signatures was reached.

  • Help Wanted


    CONCEPT :: CREATIVE DIRECTION :: DESIGN :: A massive 22.6% of under 25s are unemployed in Europe. The European Youth Forum needed to draw attention to this and other facts and promote the benefits of the ‘Youth Guarantee’. We created a short copy concept for a poster and social media content.

    The concept and poster we produced in high demand are on the second reprint already. The graphic has also travelled well through social media.

  • CAP – Campaign party Launch

    The Common Agricultural Policy, or CAP, is one of Europe’s most controversial policies. EEB and Birdlife needed to show Europe’s leaders how the CAP should be renewed to help Europe, and brought many of these leaders together for a conference. They wanted to open proceedings by highlighting some key facts.

    With a tight deadline from the scripting phase, Arc managed to ensure delivery of the video in time for this important conference. Played on 6 metre high screen, it was integral to energising the start of the conference. Never actually intended for online – it has attracted over 4,500 hits.

  • Positive Charge!


    GRAPHIC DESIGN :: Some new billboard and bus shelter ads for Moreland Energy Foundation. Cool people to work with 🙂

  • Logo for Sudan Peace Project


    Sudan Peace Project

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  • EEB branding

    The European Environmental Bureau (EEB), an umbrella organization for 144 environmental groups, wanted to refresh their branding and create a modern image.

    They approached us to develop branding guidelines to cover all communication output for the organisation. We developed a toolkit to support concise, consistent and consistent communications. The toolkit included a solution that clarified the campaign areas across all communication media – from publications to web.

    Toby, the creative director at Arc, has headed up several branding projects. Most recently he was on the team that managed the development process and rollout for Greenpeace International’s new branding.

    The brand guidelines and templates stop the EEB from having to reinvent the wheel every project, saving them thousands of Euros.

  • Oxfam Grow Campaign launch


    We worked on part of the launch for Grow, Oxfam International’s new campaign working towards systemic change to fight hunger.

    We produced a handout for MEPs in Europe, containing information to help persuade them to make responsible decisions on food policy.

    We’re proud to be involved in such a well thought out and effective campaign.

  • Oceans Rescue Plan


    Arc was asked to design a report and an online ‘infomap’. The report outlines a plan for saving our oceans and eco systems by implementing a series of marine reserves. This is an ongoing campaign by Greenpeace and other environmental organisations.

    While the report was mainly aimed at key policy makers, the online component was for a general audience. This ‘infomap’ distilled the complex information to more accessible content, bringing together campaign stories, photos and video to view in one easy format.

    This project is a great example of how we can bring a report to life online, by extracting the most interesting and relevant parts to carry the message further.