• The Smart Dummy

    CONCEPT :: VIDEO :: SCRIPT :: PRODUCTION :: Developed in response to attempts by European car manufacturers to delay legislation on carbon emissions targets until 2015. This campaign demonstrated that manufacturers could meet the original targets.

    Arc conceived the ‘10 Easy Steps to Cut Car Emissions’ campaign for Greenpeace International to deliver the information to MEPs. This included the Crash Test Eddy character to help deliver the facts in a ‘Climate Control’ manual and movie.

    The campaign was extremely successful. MEPs loved the manual, which outlined how to vote to cut car emissions. It became the must-have item in Brussels, where Greenpeace was handing them out. MEPs subsequently voted to reject the car manufacturers demands.

  • Promotional movie for coolproducts.eu

    Coolproducts from arccomms on Vimeo.

    Promotional movie for coolproducts.eu

    Storyboard, script editing, animation and production by Arc.

  • A cool project with coolproducts

    REBRAND :: GRAPHIC DESIGN :: WEBSITE DESIGN :: We were asked to rebrand the coalition’s campaign with identity guidelines and a new, updated logo to freshen things up. Our task was to then redesign the website and advise on how to better structure the website to speak to Coolproducts’ targets and achieve its aims.

    In double quick time we sifted through information on Coolproducts, spoke to the people in the coalition and got a feel for what was wanted. This resulted in a new logo, brand guidelines and a new, fresh website. We’re also in the process of completing an animation: ‘Ecodesign for Dummies’.

    See the promotional movie here

  • Future Smarts

    GRAPHIC DESIGN :: Infographics consultancy and design for some very smart forward thinkers at futureeconomy.com.au.

  • Quick turnaround anyone?


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  • CAP – Campaign party Launch

    The Common Agricultural Policy, or CAP, is one of Europe’s most controversial policies. EEB and Birdlife needed to show Europe’s leaders how the CAP should be renewed to help Europe, and brought many of these leaders together for a conference. They wanted to open proceedings by highlighting some key facts.

    With a tight deadline from the scripting phase, Arc managed to ensure delivery of the video in time for this important conference. Played on 6 metre high screen, it was integral to energising the start of the conference. Never actually intended for online – it has attracted over 4,500 hits.

  • Oxfam Grow Campaign launch


    We worked on part of the launch for Grow, Oxfam International’s new campaign working towards systemic change to fight hunger.

    We produced a handout for MEPs in Europe, containing information to help persuade them to make responsible decisions on food policy.

    We’re proud to be involved in such a well thought out and effective campaign.

  • Oceans Rescue Plan


    Arc was asked to design a report and an online ‘infomap’. The report outlines a plan for saving our oceans and eco systems by implementing a series of marine reserves. This is an ongoing campaign by Greenpeace and other environmental organisations.

    While the report was mainly aimed at key policy makers, the online component was for a general audience. This ‘infomap’ distilled the complex information to more accessible content, bringing together campaign stories, photos and video to view in one easy format.

    This project is a great example of how we can bring a report to life online, by extracting the most interesting and relevant parts to carry the message further.